Wipe android phone - Have you been tired of the same old smartphone now and you wish to get a new one? Well, if you are looking forward to an expensive device and wish to get it at a discounted price, there are various ways to do that. One of the best ways is to sell off your old phone and then get a new one with the adding up the money you earned. But there are some important steps that you should follow such as mobile phone testing in order to get a good value for your device.

Format It

The first important step that you need to go for is to format your phone so that it becomes somewhat closer to a new device. Also, it clears up all the different files you have accumulated on the device so that the mobile can get some space in it. If you are planning to sell off the hard drive along with the smartphone, you can use the method of wipe hard drive to delete all the data from it and make space on it so that the new user can use it properly.

Test Your Phone

The second step that you need to take care of is that of testing your mobile phone. This means you should make sure to check all the different hardware parts along with the software so that there is no such serious problem noted in the device. If there are no such major issues with the device, you can be sure that you can get a good worth of the device instantly.

Keeping Privacy

It has been noted that often formatting of the smartphone may not wipe out the data completely. There are still methods to recover them. Hence, there are so many people who keep data safe on the hard drive. If you are someone like this but now the hard drive is no more use for you, then an ideal option is to destroy it completely. This is because even when you wipe out data or format the hard drive, at times, some traces may leave behind. So, if you have some confidential data, it is always better to go for hard drive destruction.

Many people feel skeptical about selling off their old mobile phone. Following the above methods not only will get you good value but also will maintain your privacy.

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