Reasons to Justify Importance of Wipe Hard Drive


To exemplify, imagine that you are a company that re-sell or offer used laptop for sale. Now if you offer second hand laptops for sale and the new owner gets to access the information of the prior user and it gets misused. You will be in total mess. It is here that the role of wipe hard drive comes to play. Here are the reasons to justify importance of wipe hard drive.

To comply by data protection laws

Not many of us know but there is a legislation in place which mandates the organizations as well as the public agencies in addition to banks and advocates so as to protect the information of an individual. The information that is considered to be personal includes name, the social security number, the driver's license number, the credit card number as well as the financial information, and the patient information plus consumer's personal financial data. With enhanced data security regulations there is a need to SECURE data removal. For non-compliance as a penalty you might have to suffer dire consequences. Besides there is always a chance of identity theft and exorbitant law suites keeping aside the criminal prosecution. This calls for ensuring that you comply with this legislation so that you can safely erase your hard disks prior to handing them to someone else.

Simply deleting data is unsafe

If you delete a file then you must know that the Windows does not destroy the content of the file from disk. In other words it is just marked deleted further waiting for some other file to overwrite the same. This implies that the valuable business as well as the financial plans you have or any of your other personal files as well as the e-mail messages can go into the hands that can totally misuse these. The sites you have visit on the Internet can also be easily accessed or any social site or anything that you have browsed is open to intrusion.

All in all, these are the reasons to justify importance of wipe hard drive.