Tips to Clean Exterior of Your Computer


For internal cleaning you can use data wipe for mobile phone and your laptop. Laptop and mobile phone testing, shows that it is important to take care of your device. It is very important that you clean your laptop so as to prevent dust from preventing the airflow, which can cause overheating in your laptop. For this you can pick up Air Dusters and clean the dust on regular basis. You need to keep a light hand and be very gentle while you clean your laptop.

Cleaning your monitor

Use a soft cloth after properly dampening it with the help of cool water. Now wipe your monitor downward and d it very carefully and gently. Do not press too hard or put too much pressure on the screen. In addition to this do not leave any water drops as even a single drop has the power to damage the internal components. Ensure that you do not damage the computer ports and these do not get clogged up. If you maintain the laptop, then anyone will buy second hand laptop from you.

Cleaning computer ports

Firstly, you need to shut down your computer. Now you can make use of fan or say a can of the compressed air available in the market to blow away the dust and garbage. Make use of the toothpick or say a needle to carefully clean the mess. Again use the fan or compressed air to blow away the remaining junk. Now you ought to rub the alcohol onto the cotton swab or q-tip so as to clean the area that is around the port. Now wait for your computer to dry.

All in all, these are the tips to clean exterior of your computer and maintain its value over a long run.